The Trail a creative online journey

'The Trail'

A wholesome journey through a colorful landscape

'The Trail' is about having fun making art for your artistic and personal development!


In this course you will get acquainted with techniques that partly come from art therapy where they are used for their specific effects.

This can be a beneficial, soothing or nourishing effect. Or a centering, mobile, activating or relaxing effect to name a few.
Moreover, artistic exercises can increase self-awareness and stimulate the growth process. This fact fits nicely with the attention that is currently being paid to personal growth and development. In the artistic exercises we alternate our thinking, our feeling and / or our imagination and with the piece itself we have actually put something on earth with our hands.


Active art practice can be a building block of a healthy lifestyle and a source of energy and creativity. Get moving with painting, drawing and/or modeling techniques for your artistic and personal development. Connect with the power of color and form. As we learn practical artistic skills, we come into contact with aspects of how we as humans think, feel, want and act in our own lives.


A varied and inspired program; experience it yourself!


Experience the power of color and form in a preventive artistic pathway focused on the physical and mental well-being and self-healing ability of the human being.

Worldwide there is a growing awareness that people themselves can play a positive active role in maintaining or improving their own health. We pay more attention to healthy eating and sufficient exercise. Artistic processes can also be part of a healthy lifestyle and thus preventive work to maintain and strengthen health. Finally, prevention is better than cure.

Artistic experience is not necessary; just the willingness to open yourself up in a playful and artful way.


Is it for you?

  • Do you want to experience something of the qualities of colors and shapes yourself?
  • Do you want to work with an unprecedented and active way with different art methods and materials?
  • Do you want to search for authentic (inner) images?
  • Do you want to explore and develop your own empathy and expressiveness?
  • Do you want to discover more of yourself in a creative process?
  • Do you need more depth, inspiration and empowerment  in your life?

Then sign up quickly!

Let's make art and feel great!


Creating as a path of self-discovery

Join us; just follow "The Trail"


with artist & therapist Jacky (Jacqueline Mens)