Jacqueline Mens is an artist, inspirator and a holistic art therapist whose understanding of the power of creative processes has helped and inspired lots of people.


It is her love to explore as an artist and her experience with the healing effects of art as an arttherapist that drive her. Jacqueline chooses to see the positive side of things in life and enjoys bringing more joy and less stress into people's lives through the arts. She believes in the power of love, healing & magical aspects of nature and appreciates a little down to earth spirituality. Also she likes to follow her own intuition with an inquiring mind.


Since 1996 she started drawing intuitive personal birth mandala's and became quite popular for teaching mandala classes. Later she started a practice for personal and group therapy (with her BA Art Therapy) and also developed many artful courses and workshops and some accredited classes for colleague arttherapists as well. 

Jacqueline lives with her husband Sonny (from Surinam) in South Holland in the netherlands.

They have a son Kishan who is now a math teacher and a daughter Shaila who teaches English and studied game art.