Dreamy Watercolors e-course

            Beautiful, peaceful, meditative quality

Get acquainted with this wonderful relaxing way of painting. Experience the colors and the moods & enjoy some lovely results.


Wet-on-wet painting has a beautiful, peaceful, meditative quality. The paintings are often wonderfully attractive and can be done on fairly cheap paper. This course is a lovely introduction to wet-on-wet painting and you can start with very simple exercises. You don't need any painting experience.


Spiritual, magical, fairy tales

Perhaps you heard of this special painting method that is often used by anthroposophical art therapists like myself and is also part of Waldorf/Steiner education. When you paint this way on the wet paper you get a closer experience of the colors. It's a bit like breathing. For me personally  this way of painting brings me closer to my own true self with sparks of something spiritual and magical. Perhaps that is why fairy tales and wet-on-wet painting are such a perfect match.

Some of you may later on even turn this activity into a special cosy treat for your kid(s).


From moods to shapes

It's a challenge to start by not painting shapes or forms so you paint intuitively more out of moods, feelings and gesture than out of distinct forms and representations).  You are painting feelings and you are painting with the qualities the colors themselves dictate. You can slowly work your way up to a more or less figurative image by intensifying the colours and carefully shaping them into the image that appears or that you have in mind.


Take enough time for your own painting adventure.




Feed your colorful soul!


Enjoy the relaxing colorful painting course

Dreamy Watercolors


with artist & therapist Jacky (Jacqueline) Mens