Mandala's - mirrors of the soul

Mandala's - mirrors of the soul

Start making your own personal mandala drawings with many step by step techniques & lots of tips and tricks!


Calming and relaxing

Creating a mandala is a way to come closer to your true self. That's why most people find drawing mandala's a calming and relaxing activity. It is about playing with colours and shapes inside of a circle. This can give your mind some peace. Using the diverse colours and shapes we use in mandala's helps feed our souls. Oftentimes it makes us forget the time, which can be a wonderful relief from our busy lives.


Now available online

I started teaching mandala classes more than 20 years ago. For me now the time has come to offer you all my experience in these wonderful online course(s).

We will start simple and will use diverse techniques. For many people this is a calming activity which can lead to surprising results.


This is what my students are saying; some quotes:

  • "I'm having fun; it makes me happy"
  • "It makes me feel playful and uninhibited, just like when I was a child. It's a game of discovery and that's always good"
  • "The circle makes me feel safe"
  • "It makes me feel calm and more present in my body"
  • "The results are wonderful"
  • "The possibilities and drawing techniques within the mandala are so diverse, it suits all tastes"
  • "Drawing mandala's makes me less chaotic, it gives me structure"
  • "I can perceive the world better by drawing; I'm more open to nature and all its shapes and colours"
  • "I can express myself; it gives me a creative outlet"
  • "The psychological and cultural backgrounds of the mandala speak to me"
  • "It helps me getting to know myself"


Join the world of the mandala's


Discover how you can make your very own personal mandala's

in a 10-week creative journey


with artist & therapist Jacky


Circles of life & sacred art


Mandala means circle or wheel in the old language Sanskrit. We can find mandala's in many cultures and in the many shapes that surround us in nature. Lots of sacred art originating from Hinduism and Buddhism is in the shape of a mandala.


Sand mandala & meditation

Tibetan Buddhism knows the so called sand mandala's. Initially the mandala was used here as an aid for meditation purposes and to picture the chakra's (energy centers in the human body) or the universe for instance. Mandala's can help with focusing attention.


Rose windows, Celtic crosses & medicine wheels

However we find comparable shapes like rose windows and labyrinths in Christianity, Celtic crosses and also medicine wheels in Native American tribes.